KSW Shear Connectors

Concrete structures are designed with expansion and contraction joints to allow movement to take place.

Headed Concrete Shear Studs are used for applications to shear transfer in composite beam design and construction. They are welded to flat surfaces, in both inner and outer angles.

Shear Connectors are used as an imperative element in composite beam design and construction. Composite construction creates a marriage between features of steel construction and structural concrete, which means that a steel framework is merged with concrete parts so that a joint bearing effect is produced. The steel beams bear the tensile force, while the concrete bears the forces of compression and provides protection from fire.

The merging of steel and concrete should be able to shear weight effectively, and shear connectors allows for this type of construction on a grand scale.


- Proper Shear transfer in Metal Decking
- Ship Building


Technical Data

Shear Studs Fact Sheet